You Can’t Stop the Beat: HAIRSPRAY 2



Following the success of the hit movie musical Hairspray, based on the smash stage show of the same name, New Line Cinema has asked John Waters – the man behind the original non-musical film that inspired both of these hits – to pen a sequel. Neil Meron and Craig Zadan would return as producers, as would director-choreographer Adam Shankman and songwriters Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who would provide a brand new score for the sequel. No casting has been announced, although New Line hopes to gather as many of the original film’s stars together for round 2.

A very wise and handsome man once said: “Every generation needs its Grease 2.” Watch this space for news as it comes, folks…

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51 Responses to You Can’t Stop the Beat: HAIRSPRAY 2

  1. Luc Tellier says:

    Michelle Elizabeth Payne wrote
    Anti-Sequel Peppermint Cakes, anyone?

    I’m all in.

  2. Why do people keep insisting on making sequels to things that are already fabulous on their own? I mean, honestly! And if this sequel does good, does that mean that they’ll try to put a Hairspray 2 on Broadway? What is this world coming to? I wish instead of replicating past wonders they would work more on working with something new!

  3. Jarrod Meehan says:

    BARF. I love me some Hairspray on a stage, but the movie sucked. Broadway should never be sequeled. Ever.

  4. Kari Nelson says:

    Oh, Lord. Just seeing the preview for High School Musical 3 was bad enough. Now they’re doing a sequel to an actual Broadway musical? I will not be seeing this. Sigh. The stage production of Hairspray is so much better.

  5. Michelle Elizabeth Payne says:

    They should do a sequel to Phantom next! Oh, crap… 😉

  6. Joshua Baker Courtney says:

    Don’t go see it? Or… You could do the clever thing and pose protests at your local cinemas.

  7. Michelle Elizabeth Payne says:

    Joshua Baker Courtney wrote:
    You could do the clever thing and pose protests at your local cinemas.

    I was going to suggest a bake sale. Anti-Sequel Peppermint Cakes, anyone?

  8. Jon Cain says:

    Jarrod Meehan wrote:
    I love me some Hairspray on a stage, but the movie sucked. Broadway should never be sequeled. Ever.

    First off, the movie didn’t suck. It was one of the highest rated, critically acclaimed movies of the year. It also grossed over 100 million domestically. The production of Hairspray the movie was absolutely fabulous. Great costumes, great dancing, wonderful cinematography. The dance instructor, choreographer and director of the musicals at the performing arts school (who has toured in Broadway productions of 42nd Street and CATS) said that he thought the movie was far better and more entertaining than the stage show. Not that his opinion should be treated as fact. But, obviously the movie didn’t suck because it made a lot of money, and had great reviews all around the board. I’d really love it if people would stop judging movies based on performances.

    Now, to the topic: It doesn’t sound too great, but it doesn’t sound bad. I mean, I don’t agree with the fact that they are making a sequel, but if done correctly a sequel could be a lot of fun.

    Look at Toy Story 2. Most people scoff at movie sequels. Disney wanted to have Toy Story 2 released straight to DVD. Lasseter refused. He knew it was a good movie and would do well in theatres and deserved the chance to shine on the big screen. Toy Story 2 was critically acclaimed and went on to make 245.8 million domestically.

    Look at Lord of the Rings as the sequel to The Hobbit.

    There is potential for the sequel to be quite good. Perhaps you believe that no musical should have a sequel. I can understand that. But, sheesh, people, at least wait until there is a sample of the product before you bash it and get all worked up in a fuss over it. For all you know, the movie could be wonderful.

  9. Michelle Elizabeth Payne says:

    The only musical that I could see with a sequel is Spamalot, but only because it would totally spoof sequels. Of course, that’s also unoriginal subject matter, so maybe I’m being totally crazy.

    P.S. I loved the Hairspray movie. I loved the stage show. Totally kitschy fun.

  10. Michelle Elizabeth Payne wrote
    Anti-Sequel Peppermint Cakes, anyone?

    LOL. That actually sounds appetizing.

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