Amra Faye Wright in Broadway’s CHICAGO


Amra Faye Wright and Samantha Peo in the South African production of CHICAGO

2006 will see Amra Faye Wright take over as Velma in Chicago for a stint of three months, starting 16 January 2007. Wright, who has performed the role in the South African production of the show, has also starred in Grease and A Chorus Line there as well as in the UK tour of Footloose and this will mark her Broadway debut. Wright will star opposite Robin Givens as Roxie.

As a South African, I am filled with pride to see a South African actress move from a South African production of a show, to the London production and, now, to Broadway. I saw Wright in the SA production twice and she was absolutely fantastic. All the best to to Ms Wright for her stint in Chicago in New York!

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6 Responses to Amra Faye Wright in Broadway’s CHICAGO

  1. Bye Bye Birdie Fan-89 says:

    Yay. The Weisslers are on a role. Another blonde Velma – yes!

  2. Rich says:

    They may have given her a Montanaro wig for the UK tour, but she’s no Anna. In fact, she’s not even Ute. More like Lisa Leguilo. 😉

  3. Kev says:

    WOOT! I’ve always commented on her stunning looks from her early days in Chicago. Someone wanna give me another idea of her performance skills in the role?

  4. Joe says:

    Looks like I may have to take another trip back to the Ambassador.

  5. In London, they gave her a new short blonde wig, just like those on her promotions, which is very good! It’s very fierce, and sexy! She’s definitely a Velma to see! So excited for you guys! Amra’s voice is alright, nice belts but quiet at times. And her dancing is wonderful. She’s a fab Velma (even though still not my favourite!) You guys will love this blonde Velma!

  6. Rich says:

    The short hair is her own. I think she looks like the late Paula Yates.

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