Beauty and the Beast is a show that is a hot property for community theatres around the United States right now. One of the most frequent questions asked by aspiring Belles seems to be this: is it more important for Belle to be a great singer or a great actress?

My take on the matter? I would say that Belle has to be a great singer and a great actress. Although the role of the Beast is somewhat more complex than in the film, the story on stage is still primarily told from Belle’s point of view. The score reflects this structure and unless you have a Belle that can hold the show together, you’re sunk.

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1 Response to Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

  1. Jennyjo says:

    Belle’s opening song should have the ability to give an audience chills and tell a story before you even see her face, or at least thats what my director told me. Since Belle has a lot of time just standing on stage singing by herself she ought to have a pretty incredible voice.

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