The Most Frequent LION KING FAQ



Probably the most frequently asked question I see about Disney’s The Lion King on the Internet (along with whether it should have won the Tony Award or not – but that’s another debate for another blog) is whether or not the stage production is like the movie. The short answer goes like this: the stage version of The Lion King uses the film as a starting point and then adds material. Some of the new material works very well, but a large chunk in the second act is completely unnecessary (the whole sequence with Timon falling into the waterfall) and interval is in the wrong place (it should happen after the Wildebeest stampede, when Simba runs away). However, the concept for the staging, making use of puppetry and en eclectic mix of theatrical traditions, is excellent and the show is worth seeing – particularly if you have a cast that manages to connect their characterisation with their puppets.

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14 Responses to The Most Frequent LION KING FAQ

  1. I Wanna Be a Star says:

    The musical follows closely to the movie, but it is so much more magical! It is worth seeing!

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh, the stage version is so much more than the movie. For one thing, Lebo M and other’s additional music far outshines anything Elton John/Tim Rice came up with (not a fan). Then there’s the unbelievable staging! It’s just beautiful – the most amazing theatrical experience you’ll ever have! Enjoy!

  3. Fantine says:

    This show is coming to the Netherlands soon. I think I’ll persuade my aunt in going there. I wonder how the Dutch version will be. I will definitely go and see it when it starts. 🙂

  4. Briggsgirl says:

    Amazing – I saw it twice. Have fun!

  5. Corey Mach says:

    I thought it was pretty good. The only things that held the show up were the costumes and the set.

  6. Chicsta says:

    No way! The Australian costumes are brilliant! All the puppets and stuff. I think it’s fantastic. 😀

  7. Megan the Phantom Girlie says:

    It’s brilliant. I had a wonderful time, except for almost throwing up and missing part of my favorite song (“Be Prepared”). The good part was that my mum got out of her seat and went around to meet me and ended up squeezing past some hyenas in the hallway.

  8. The Very Angry Woman says:

    The movie is far better as a cohesive piece of entertainment. The visual elements on stage don’t hide the floppy score and needless additions to the book.

  9. Clock says:

    David Fick wrote:
    Some of this material works very well but a large chunk in the second act is completely unnecessary…

    This is all true. The second act drags a little bit, but mostly it is very good. I would love to play Rafiki.

  10. Rumexcigo says:

    The stage show is awesome. I saw it in Hollywood a few years ago and, though it is the same as the movie, it is much more worth the trip! The choreography and costumes are amazing.

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