Opinions on Liza as Norma in SUNSET BOULEVARD?



Thought for the day: I’d love to see Liza Minnelli as Norma in a film version of Sunset Boulevard, however unlikely a casting that might be. If she was able to sing the role with whatever help the studio could offer, she would be magnificent.

Any thoughts?

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20 Responses to Opinions on Liza as Norma in SUNSET BOULEVARD?

  1. Tim says:

    Never in a million years should anyone but Glenn Close play this part on screen.

  2. Leighton Martin says:

    Acting wise, I’d love it. Unfortunately, her voice is shot. If she sang, it it would be physically painful – for her and us. The fact of the matter remains that, in the last few years, Ms. Minnelli has suffered from severe health problems. I heard her sing live little over a fortnight ago and her voice is in absolutely no condition to be attempting Sunset Boulevard. I have no problem with casting her on an acting choice – but until she gets healthy, gets off the drink once and for all (if we are to believe David Gest) and gets her voice into its formerly great shape then she should not be allowed anywhere near a musical – film or stage.

  3. Broadwayman33 says:

    Liza Minnelli just so happens to be my Idol and, yes, she would be a great Norma! Ms. Minnelli has been trying her best to get back into shape. She is not that young anymore: she is 56. She dropped 50 pounds and she is looking a lot better.

    I just don’t understand it. Why does everyone make fun of Liza? She has been trying to throw away all her drinking and using habits. I just don’t understand why everyone makes fun of her. Every time I watch Cabaret, I am almost brought to tears. She lights up the screen. I also have just recently bought the new Liza’s Back CD. It is amazing. She pulled through. You all better hope that when you are 56, you sound that good. Liza is a legend in my mind and a hell of a woman.

  4. Leighton Martin says:

    People don’t make fun of Liza – they make honest comments. She is out of shape and her voice is, at the moment, awful. I don’t say this to make fun of Liza – I adored her in Cabaret! I say this because it’s true. She is not in a fit state – physically or vocally – to be making a musical. Cabaret was made 31 years ago and at that time she was magical. She isn’t anymore.

    Also, get it right – she is 57, not 56. As to the comment about sounding ‘that good’ when I’m 56 – I hope to God I sound a little better. Barbara Cook, Julia McKenzie, Bernadette Peters – all of these are women in their 50s or above and all sound a lot better, vocally, than Liza Minnelli. Do you honestly believe she is vocally fit to be in a musical? Truthfully?

  5. Alexander Rice says:

    I, too, respect Ms. Minnelli. Her voice may not be strong enough for a Broadway musical that requires 8 shows a week of belting. However, I think enough has been said and we should stick to the original question here. I personally think if Liza sounds like on the Liza’s Back! CD, she could do it. Yes, it’s shot but at least she can sing. She’d be a great Norma, but I doubt she’ll ever actually be cast.

  6. Lars says:

    Tim wrote:
    Never in a million years should anyone but Glenn Close play this part on screen.

    Her or Faith Brown. 🙂

  7. Norma Desmond says:

    Liza is one of my all-time favorite Broadway stars. She’s looking drop-dead gorgeous these days and her voice is better than ever. If she does get cast as Norma, you won’t hear me complaining.

  8. Dustin says:

    As Tim stated earlier, Glenn Close should play Norma. Faith Brown would be fabulous, but doesn’t have the selling name unfortunately. Liza? I guess it could be worse and we could be stuck with Babs, but one is only the lesser of two evils. 🙂

  9. GungaDin says:

    Nah, Liza’s not quite right for the part, even if she were sober. I couldn’t take her seriously as Norma. I’d say Carol Burnett!

  10. Arcati says:

    I think Liza is great. I saw her in London and, OK, she mimed a few but she was good, but with filming, if the timescale was long enough, she might manage it. They’ll need a name and whilst I adored Faith Brown I’d love to see Debra Bryne but it won’t happen. Mind you with Marni Nixon being discussed for a revival, anything can happen!

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