Thoughts on a revival of A CONNECTICUT YANKEE

In his review of the Encores! production of the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart musical, A Connecticut Yankee, Ben Brantley says of the show:

There’s no pretending that A Connecticut Yankee… seems other than quaint today.

The show, originally written in 1927, does seem little more than of a triviality today and it is riddled with the inconsistencies that affect many musical comedies prior to the premiere of Oklahoma!, although the show was revised once by the original creative team once following the premier of that watershed musical in 1943.

So… as the musical does not play as well as it did back then, might it not be be interesting to see someone competent attempt a “revisal” of the show that would make a new staging of A Connecticut Yankee work, one in which the framework around the dream makes the anachronisms in Hart’s nonetheless witty lyrics credible in some way? Or is it unsalvageable as a full scale musical. Any thoughts?

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