Review Roundup: BLOOD BROTHERS in South Africa

bbposterDavid Kramer’s adaptation of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers has opened in Cape Town, South Africa, and the reviews are in! Blood Brothers tells the tale of Mrs Johnstone, an impoverished woman who gives one of her twins to a wealthier woman, Mrs Lyons, in the hope that he will have a better life. Although the brothers are never supposed to know of each other’s existance, fate brings them together, eventually leading to a tragic outcome.

Tickets for the show, which will run at Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town, Montecasino in Johannesburg and the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, are available through Computicket.


Die Burger

“David Kramer het ’n goed ontwikkelde sin vir trefferpotensiaal. Sy jongste inisiatief, naamlik om die Brit Willy Russell se gewilde musiekblyspel Blood Brothers te verplaas van Liverpool in Engeland na ’n Kaapse konteks, spruit juis daaruit. En, as die openingsaand van Blood Brothers enigsins ’n aanduiding is, is hy wéér in die kol.”

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Cape Argus

“A feat of note. Apart from the brilliance of Kramer’s adaptation, this production is memorable for the quality of its staging. The result is a show to engage its audience from the first bar of the overture to the final tableau.”

This review is not available online.

The Cape Times

“It’s refreshing to encounter a specifically adapted Cape Town story from the 1960’s and 1970’s which doesn’t deal blatantly with race. Examining the tensions between classes and familial bonds makes it a tale everyone can relate to.”

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Sunday Independent

“Leaving the theatre, one is left feeling nothing but the utmost respect for David Kramer. A heart-rending and intensely unforgettable experience. An accomplished production by an ardent and compassionate creative team, Blood Brothers will appeal to anyone interested in heartfelt and substantial storytelling.”

This review is not available online.



“The announcement that David Kramer would be adapting Willy Russell’s BLOOD BROTHERS was an exciting one…. Months later, the show is on stage at Theatre on the Bay, and the reality of what has been achieved in this adaptation belies the potential that this version of BLOOD BROTHERS held in its conception. While there are some moments that work beautifully, there are many where the shaky ideological foundation upon which this production is built calls the entire exercise into question.”

Read the full review here.

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