Anne Frank Superstar?!!

To purchase the Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording of YOURS, ANNE, a more traditional musical retelling of the Anne Frank story, click on the image above.

Every now and then, one comes across something really special on YouTube. At the beginning of the month, I posted some clips from a musical about Helen Keller featuring songs from Legally Blonde and Bat Boy. Today I am able to share two clips from a musical about Anne Frank featuring the songs of The Carpenters, which seems to be titled Anne Frank Superstar. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who kept a diary during the time she and her family were in hiding in an attic from the Nazis. When the Nazis discovered their hiding place, Anne (along with her family and the others who hid with them there) was sent to a concentration camp, where she died. The story has been musicalised previously by Enid Futterman and Michael Cohen as Yours, Anne, a show that deals with the subject matter with integrity. This production, in contrast, does not, despite its sincerity. Marrying the story of Anne Frank with the music of The Carpenters is a recipe for disaster. I can’t believe that this production made its way from someone’s mind onto the stage. It’s sheer lunacy. See for yourself…

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