Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: THE SOUND OF MUSIC

I don’t know whether I could get through the lead-up to Christmas without mentioning The Sound of Music. It’s a classic family musical – with a film version that almost immeasurably improves upon its stage source – and I love it each time I watch it. I also had the good fortune to direct a production of the stage show last year and this was an immensely fulfilling experience. One song from this show in particular seems to have made a crossover as Christmas music and appears most notably on Barbra Streisand’s first Christmas album in a low-key ballad arrangement.

Got a special The Sound of Music memory? Head on down to the comment box.

Downloads from

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary Soundtrack MP3 Album. 2. “My Favorite Things” Soundtrack Version MP3.. 3. A Christmas Album – Barbra Streisand – MP3 Album. 4. “My Favorite Things” Barbra Streisand Version MP3..

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