Above: Detail from a cover illustration for BERNICE BOBS HER HAIR

The Irish Repertory Theatre will present the new musical, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, as a part of its New Works Reading Series on 21st May. The Irish Repertory Theatre describes the show as follows:

Bernice is the awkward country cousin who has come to the big city to visit her audacious and popular cousin Marjorie. She doesn’t fit in and she makes every social mistake. Marjorie, frustrated by this human millstone around her social neck, decides to make Bernice over, personality and all. What she doesn’t count on is her overwhelming success.

Adapted from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the show has a book and lyrics by Julia Jordan and music by Adam Gwon. It’s a neat idea that sounds like it could make a fun musical.

Direction is by Joe Calarco. The cast for the reading includes Kevin Carolan, Cady Huffman, Erin Mackey, A.J. Shively, Phoebe Strole, Carey Anderson, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Demi Fragale, Olli Haaskivi, Morgan Karr, Zachary Prince, Casey Tuma and Blake Whyte. The reading is free and more information can be found at the Irish Repertory Theatre’s website.

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