BRIGADOON Concert on Broadway

Brigadoon 2010A concert of the classic Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe musical, Brigadoon, will be staged as a benefit at the Shubert Theatre for the Irish Repertory Theatre on 14th June. Starring Len Cariou, Jason Danieley and Melissa Errico, the concert will be directed by Charlotte Moore.

The 1947 Broadway show tells the tale of a mysterious Scottish village that appears through the mist for one day every hundred years. When two cynical and jaded New Yorkers stumble across the village on the very day of its once-a-century appearance, they are seduced by its charm and astonished by its story. When Tommy, one of the strangers, falls in love with local lass, Fiona, a love story strong enough to re-arrange time and space begins as Tommy makes his choose between returning to the life he left behind and a life with his love in Brigadoon.

Some of the songs from the popular score include: “Almost Like Being in Love”, “The Heather on the Hill” and “Come To Me, Bend To Me”.

A drastically altered “revisal” of the show, with a book rewritten by John Guare, turned Brigadoon into a pacifist town that disappeared in 1939 because its inhabitants didn’t want to live in a world torn apart by war. Although this was enthusiastically heralded in 2008 with the lately prolific Rob Ashford at the helm, nothing came to fruition.

Further information about the Irish Repertory benefit is available from that company’s website.

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5 Responses to BRIGADOON Concert on Broadway

  1. Sebastian Petit says:

    Probably my least favourite major musical!

  2. David Rigano says:

    I’ve only ever actually seen the movie, so I don’t know how different the stage show is. But it’s got some beautiful music, so I’m pumped for a concert!

  3. Robert LoBiondo says:

    Sebastian Petit wrote:
    Probably my least favourite major musical!!

    Same here. And since it’s with a reduced orchestra for some bizarre reason, I don’t think any of my friends who love the show will go either.

  4. Mike Thomas says:

    I’m all for the Irish Rep, to be sure. This ain’t exactly… But I’m sure they know what they’re doing. They know their audience.

  5. Eric HG says:

    The best thing about the stage version was Agnes DeMille’s choreography – most ballet fans think it was the best stuff she ever did, full stop. I’d be excited if that was part of the staging (the dance has been notated).

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