One of the most highly anticipated revivals of the season, Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein’s La Cage aux Folles has been running for a week. Time to have a look at a few clips from the show, I think.

Now, let’s have some straight talk – if you’ll pardon the expression. I’ve never particularly been a fan of this show. Although I’ve found George Hearn’s interpretation of “I Am What I Am” truly moving since the first time I saw it, there’s just something about this show that has not clicked for me. However, this looks like a production that might do the trick. It looks human in a way that other productions haven’t, despite the “wow” factor provided by the costumes and so on. In short, it looks like something with which I can connect, something that draws you in instead of alienating you with its glamour.

Watching these clips as well as the more extended video montage that was featured at BroadwayWorld also makes me think, once again, how the Mike Nichols remake (The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane) of the original French film should have been an adaptation of this musical. That could have propelled what really was a rather flat film into something that worked like gangbusters.

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