NEWSFLASH: Signature Theatre’s [title of show]


Above: James Gardiner and Sam Ludwig in [title of show]

Signature Theatre’s production of [title of show] has been running since 6 April and we are able to take a look at the via the production company’s YouTube channel.

A witty musical written by two struggling writers about two struggling writers writing a witty new musical, the show originally starred librettist Hunter Bell and composer-lyricist Jeff Bowen in its Broadway run. Of course, what’s interesting about this run is seeing how well the show works without them, whether [title of show] works without its writers in the cast or whether their presence was part and parcel of the meta-theatricality of the show.

Directed by Matthew Gardiner, the Signature cast features Erin Driscoll, James Gardiner, Sam Ludwig and Jenna Sokolowski. The run continues until 27 June.

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