LOVE NEVER DIES Broadway Opening Postponed

The Really Useful Group has released a statement confirming the rumours that the scheduled opening of Love Never Dies in November has been postponed until spring 2011. Here’s an extract from the statement outlining the reasons why:

The original opening date, planned for November 2010, was set before Lloyd Webber was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall. Although the cancer has been eradicated, there have been post-operative problems. These have been aggravated by recent air travel and Lloyd Webber’s doctors have requested that he does not take any further long-haul flights for the time being and until the problem has been investigated. This prevents him attending auditions and being part of the pre-production process in New York on the original schedule

Andrew Lloyd Webber is currently appearing in the BBC television series, Over the Rainbow, in which he is looking to cast the lead role of Dorothy for his new production of The Wizard of Oz. Andrew performs weekly on live British television which was also a commitment undertaken before the prostate cancer was diagnosed. This complication, together with the doctors’ advice, has made it impossible to keep to the original Broadway schedule for Love Never Dies. Therefore, the decision has been made to move The Wizard of Oz forward in London and to schedule the Broadway premiere of Love Never Dies for 2011 thus allowing Andrew the freedom to travel to New York and oversee the audition and rehearsal process later in the year.

Lloyd Webber, in the same statement, comments on the situation:

I am extremely frustrated that I cannot travel to New York for the time being. I will be focusing my time on producing The Wizard of Oz in London now, and plan to be available for the creative process of bringing Love Never Dies to Broadway as soon as possible. I’m grateful that Jack and Jerry’s schedules can allow me to do this juggling act.

As reflected in Lloyd Webber’s statement, the new date takes into account the schedules of Jack O’Brien (the show’s director) and Jerry Mitchell (its choreographer). The show will still open in the Neil Simon Theatre as expected.

Whatever the reason, I hope that the extra time gained by postponing the opening will be used to fix the show’s many problems (some of which I’ve outlined here at Musical Cyberspace in a track-by-track commentary of the original (studio) cast recording.

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