A Random Thought About Movie Musicals…

Lots of people complain about the way that stage musicals are adapted for the screen, often citing unfaithfulness to the source material as the reason for their woes. But…. should we be expecting or looking for the same experience when watching a stage production or a movie or the same narrative? Sometimes, perhaps, these two things do fall in line, but I don’t see why they should have to. They aren’t, after all, the same thing at all.

“But they’re adapting a stage show,” you might say. “Shouldn’t the filmmakers aim to preserve or imitate the effect of the show on film?”

Of course it’s an adaptation: a movie version of a stage show is by definition is an adaptation, a translation. It’s not the show itself, but then again, it never can be. Certainly the essence of what makes any show work should be preserved, but is that where it should end dramatically or intellectually?

I don’t think so. Anyone else have any thoughts? Head on to the comment box…

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