To purchase the Original Broadway Cast Recording of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, click on the image above.

Legendary actress Leslie Caron is on stage in France, playing Mme Armfeldt in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s A Little Night Music. Yagg, a French website devoted primarily to gay and lesbian media, has up an interview with Caron about her role in the show and about the classic movie musicals she made with Vincente Minnelli.

Some clips from the production give us a verse of her “Liasons”, a performance filled with Caron’s requisite elegance and trademark inflections – which are lovely, but don’t quite measure up to Angela Lansbury’s take on the same section of the song for me in the current Broadway revival – and a controversial moment in which director Lee Blakeley has gotten choreographer Andrew George to get Armfeldt out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor. Justified – or not? Caron gives us Blakeley’s take on the choice, but decide for yourself by clicking “play” in the embedded YouTube box below!

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