Angela Lansbury interviewed by Katie Couric

Here’s a lovely interview with Angela Lansbury courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning: Angela Lansbury, Back on Broadway. From the article:

Couric: Do you ever feel like, ‘Gee, I’ve had an amazing career. I’ve worked my tail off. I’m ready to relax a little?’

Lansbury: The bottom line is, I really don’t know how to relax to the degree that I could just stop. So when something comes along and is presented to me, and I think, ‘Gee, I could have some fun doing that,’ or ‘I think I could bring something to that,’ I’ll do it…. I’d like to do one great movie before I pass along the way. I don’t know what it’ll be. But I think there’s one out there somewhere.

Enjoy the rest by following the link. It’s a lovely interview from one of the greatest musical theatre actresses of all time.

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