THE ADDAMS FAMILY: Evolution of a Musical

BroadwayWorld has a photo flash of The Addams Family in rehearsal. Just one of the shots to wet your appetites:

THE ADDAMS FAMILY in rehearsal

Make sure you check out the other shots too. It’s certainly done a lot to make me a bit more excited about the show than I did before. It makes me feel like the show is coming to life, as does this article about the show’s development from Variety. The most interesting quotation for me is this one, about the score:

“What kind of musical would Uncle Fester put on if Uncle Fester put on a musical?” [book co-writer Marshall Brickman] asks. (An old-fashioned, vaudeville affair, it turns out.) “Gomez, having Spanish origins, lives in a flamenco-inspired world. Wednesday’s music has electric guitar and Morticia’s has a leitmotif with a gypsy fiddle.”

It’s interesting to hear the score described in terms of language in the extract above, because that is one of the main problems I’ve had with Lippa’s work in the past, that he doesn’t seem able to (or lacks the discipline to) define a musical language that works dramatically for the world he’s creating on stage. I hope he manages to tie this one all together. It has the potential to be great!

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4 Responses to THE ADDAMS FAMILY: Evolution of a Musical

  1. Eric HG says:

    I agree with your thoughts, David. When you say Lippa hasn’t found the right musical language before, do you mean for The Wild Party specifically – in which case I’d agree – or all his shows? As you know I think the music for john & jen seems more than apt for it.

  2. David Fick says:

    No, I do meant more generally, although I don’t really know john & jen that well. It’s certainly true of The Wild Party and even in something like “Beethoven Day” in the revised You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, although I really like what he did with the rest of the score for the most part in that show.

  3. Eric HG says:

    I guess I as being nit picky – besides those scores, I’m not sure what else he’s done to be heard really. The Wild Party is so wrong for the material IMHO, but I think he deserves another chance.

  4. David Fick says:

    I didn’t say or imply that he doesn’t.

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