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Michael Riedel tries to introduce his article on the possible return of the flop musical The Capeman with a story about how Sutton Foster will play the title role in the upcoming reading of Carrie. Can we just take a moment so say… EPIC FAIL…?

Anyways, the actual content of the article deals with the possibility of The Public Theater reviving The Capeman:

Michael Riedel wrote:
(Oskar) Eustis… wants to do a concert version of the show. The book – by Nobel Prize-winning poet Derek Walcott – will pretty much be eliminated, which is a good thing because it’s dreadful. But Walcott’s lyrics – and Simon’s tunes – are haunting.

Why does everyone suddenly want to produce concert versions of flop musicals lately? Give me a reading, like Carrie is doing, any day. At least it shows that the creators genuinely want to work on the material, not just make a quick buck off of what they can salvage in a form that hardly ever does justice to the “theatre” part of musical theatre.

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