Anything Goes: the John Barrowman Poll

Although my obsession with John Barrowman has waned somewhat in the years gone by, it is nice to see that a DVD of his latest concert is being released. The promo makes it look pretty cheesy, but I still enjoy his vocals:

Anyway, in celebration of this new DVD, here’s a little John Barrowman poll. Copy and paste the questions into the comment box below and answer them for yourselves!

1. What’s your favourite John Barrowman performance, in any medium? I’d have to say Putting It Together. I really like his performance of “Marry Me a Little” and I love the moment when he slides down that rope in “Live Alone and Like It”.

2. What’s your least favourite John Barrowman performance, in any medium? I’ve always found his “performance” after Carol Burnett’s skirt falls off in the extra feature on the Putting It Together DVD a trifile bizarre and mildy disturbing.

3. Favourite John Barrowman story / gossip / news? There was an interview a long time ago when he discussed his views on gay marriage, stating, “Why would I want marriage from a belief system that hates me?” It resonates even more today, living in a world where a country (Uganda) has just upped the punishment for homosexuality from a jail sentence to the death penalty.

4. John Barrowman on film: First De-Lovely – what did you think? And then The Producers – do you look back fondly on his Nazi solo? I really enjoyed his performance in De-Lovely; it was one of the few vocal performances in the film that I enjoyed. And he was probably my favourite part of The Producers. Most of that film was just plain awful.

5. If you were the developer of John Barrowman-land, what would be the show-related ride you’d create and what would it entail? It would be “The Lady’s Paying Dress Up Cabinet” where you get to kit John out in whatever you wish to see him wearing….

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1 Response to Anything Goes: the John Barrowman Poll

  1. Eric HG says:

    Oh John Barrowman. I never know if I find him appealing, an utter dork, or completely obnoxious, but he has apparantly filmed a one man version of himself doing the Beyonce “Single Ladies” video. Yes, about one full year too late to actually be credited for tapping into the zeitgeist.

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