Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages: It took me a while to find this clip. At first, all there was to see was a multitude of clips showing how Bret Michaels walked upstage into a descending piece of scenery. As for the show itself…. hmmm… it’s fun! But it looks more like a rock concert transposed to Broadway than a musical and I don’t know how a narrative finds the space to fit in with such big numbers. Still, looking at the synopsis of the show, it seems like it might work much better than We Will Rock You – probably the most similar jukebox musical in terms of the musical material used. Of course, that’s no big chore: We Will Rock You is one of the most poorly conceived shows I’ve ever seen – even by jukebox musical standards…. Getting back to Rock of Ages, I did like the guy who narrated the segment – his bit with Liza is really the best bit of the performance – and it’s so easy to be seduced by the energy of it all, so I guess I can understand the nomination better than I did this morning. Until I saw the clip, I was wondering how this show got nominated instead of 9 to 5. The part of me that still does is the bit that just isn’t all that interested in a jukebox musical built around rock hits from the 1980s – but which loves a bit of Dolly anytime!

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  1. Mary says:

    I absolutely loved the Rock of Ages performance. For me the one thing you didn’t like about the show was what made me sit up and go WOW! I loved the Rock Concert feel to it. It was just so different and it really stood out from the other shows. I’ve re-watch my Tonys recording so that I can fast forward to this performance.

    I can’t wait to see this show.

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