DADDY LONG LEGS Opens at Theatreworks

Daddy Long Legs, the new musical adaptation of Jean Webster’s classic novel by Paul Gordon and John Caird (who also penned the musical Jane Eyre which played Broadway several years ago) opens tonight at the TheatreWorks Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

The two-hander tells the story of Jerusha Abbott (Megan McGinnis), a talented orphan with a wry sense of humor sent to a prestigious college by an anonymous benefactor (Jervis Pendleton, played by Robert Adelman Hancock). With the stipulation that she write him monthly letters, and having only seen a glimpse of his elongated shadow on a wall, she whimsically dubs him ‘Daddy Long Legs’. Revealed through her witty wistful letters, her journey to independence, education, and romance chronicles the emergence of a delightfully liberated and self-confident American woman.

Designed by David Farley, who is responsible for the scenic design of the current revival of A Little Night Music, the show is directed by Caird.

Purchases from

1. Daddy Long Legs Novel by Jean Webster.
2. Daddy Long Legs DVD of the film adaptation.

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