This month saw the release of A Shining Truth, an album of musical theatre songs by Nigel Richards that features a number of pieces from some of the most exciting current musical theatre composers that have been unrecorded thus far.

Included on the album are songs by Michael John La Chiusa (“Romance Language” from Tom Sawyer, “If There Is A Heaven”, a cut song from The Wild Party and “Pointy’s Lament” from The Petrified Prince) and Adam Guettel (“An’ She’d Have Blue Eyes” and “How Glory Goes”, both from Floyd Collins). These are perhaps the most immediately recognisable names, but the rest of the album promises to be an eclectic journey through the work some a group of songwriters who surely deserve to move up the ladder in the current musical theatre landscape.

Purchases from Amazon.com

1. A Shining Truth CD.
2. A Shining Truth MP3 album.

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